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Eyelids correction in Poland

Poland has become an attractive top destination for medical tourists seeking cost-effective healthcare and highly qualified specialists. Performing plastic surgery in Pomeranian region is getting increasingly popular among foreign patients, who do appreciate excellent facilities equipped with state-of-the art devices, combined with compassionate medical care service and reasonable prices. Among others, a wide range of specialist clinics offers professional procedures in the field of aesthetic correction of eyelids.
Trendmed Medical Tourism Agency provides professional help with choice of reliable clinics, booking service and all-inclusive trip organization. Recently our company comprehensively dealt with care of the patient, who decided on performing eyelid lift surgery in Poland. Trendmed aimed to deliver a superior customer service, essential for comfort of each patient having lower and upper lid correction abroad. We took care of all arrangements, from access to the best clinics and specialists, to hotel accommodation and taxi transfers. Our agency scheduled laboratory tests, initial consultation with a surgeon, eyelid surgery with overnight stay in hospital, and organized postoperative care. Our client spent one week in Gdynia altogether. Her eyesight is no longer affected by dropping, puffy eyelids now, and regained youthful appearance promotes higher self-esteem.
Do not hesitate, send us your inquiry about affordable eyelids correction in Poland, and help your eyes shine again.

Aesthetic medicine & cosmetic treatments in Gdańsk

Gdańsk – a beautiful, steeped in history city on the Baltic coast – not only principal seaport and a popular summer destination for international holiday makers but also attractive place to have beauty and medical treatments.

Rich and abundant history of the city and its coastal location create the magical and unique atmosphere that one can almost touch. This multicultural city offers you the best chance to spend your time in a numerous, attractive ways. For more sophisticated cultural entertainment and attractions, theater symphony concerts, opera and ballet performances are available. Fans of intense nightlife will not feel disappointed too! The city offers a wide range of clubs and live performances. There are also many terrains, which are just a dream for active lifestyle and water sports practitioners. And the best of all, sandy beaches offer you quiet and peaceful space that helps you to relax and recover after busy days.

What is more, here you can find top quality medical clinics, what in combination with qualified medical staff make short duration of cosmetic and medical treatments and long lasting results. Gdansk’s destinations offer you the most innovative aesthetic medicine and cosmetic treatments like botox or liposuction. Our professionals sets the highest standards in relation with both services and equipment. The expertise, knowledge and experience of consultants and surgeons, as well as unique ambience of the city has been widely appreciated by many.

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Gdańsk – best choise for medical tourism

Gdansk, with its international sea and airport, right at the very heart of Europe make it a perfect destination within a reach. Why going to India, or Thailand, making farfetched, expensive plans, when you can take a wonderful city break and visit the most amazing place on the Baltic seashore.

Gdańsk has long attracted tourists, drawn to spectacular landscape, rich culture and long history. In recent years, it has also become a top destination for medical tourists seeking low cost healthcare and highly qualified specialists. Situated in the center of Europe, Gdansk is convenient and enticing destination for travelers, even for a short break.

Gdansk situated on the amber rich Baltic coastline, is a popular destination for sea and sun worshipers wanting to relax on the beach. For those wanting to experience cultural life await beautiful architecture, fantastic restaurants and first rate museums. This all makes it perfect base for medical tourism. What is more, city offers high-class and low cost medical facilities, that give a way to growing, well-deserved reputation as a great destination for medical tourism. Gdansk offer both holiday and medical choices that are easy to reach.


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Vivadental – high quality dental services in Poland

Our aim is to provide our clients with a wide range of high quality dental and medical treatments at affordable prices. Our featured health and aesthetic clinics provide the best standard of medical services to its patients, not only by using the latest equipment and technology, but also by giving patients the utmost comfort and reassurance during their recovery. Let us introduce you Vivadental clinic, that works on most advanced equipment and top quality, certified materials to offer most favorable conditions and premium healthcare, in regards to dental care and implants. By offering you outstanding and experienced dentists for reasonable prices, they reached a new level of dental services.



Medical tourism in Poland – affordable and professional

Visit Gdańsk any time and give a way to many magical moments and true emotions. Huge selection of low cost flights and deals are available. No matter what sort of medical travel you are planning ,there are always cheap flights to get you here.

Get to know the multidimensional thousand-year history of the beautiful port on the Baltic seashore. Look Neptune in the eye, the god of the sea, and wave at the Lady in the Window. Enchanted works by outstanding Gdańsk masters can be admired in museums, churches, and galleries. After professional, medical treatments take a deep relax you deserve in a wide range of hotels and spas meeting international standards, as well as elegant pensions in historical houses . All awaits you here!



All-inclusive health holidays in Poland

More and more of us are concentrating on getting the most from our holiday breaks. So why not all-inclusive health holidays, so great for groups?

All-inclusive holidays can be sociable and cost-effective way of keeping holiday costs down. Great opportunity for you to cap what you spend while you are on a break leaving you to relax without the worry of returning to piles of bills. We take care of all travel arrangements, including transport and accommodation with our partner hotels and chalets, offering a wide range of leisure activities and tourist attractions. We offer standards for every taste and need to choose from for your accommodation during your stay. Trendmed gives you the freedom to choose how much you want to spend and ensures that you will find something which is just right for your group. Please feel free to ask us for details about any form of accommodation and note that we can organize all packages should you desire.



Dr. Grzesiak – an outstanding expert in performing lifting surgery

Let us introduce you nationwide famous clinic of dr Grzesiak, offering highly specialist procedures concerning correction in the field of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine. Dr. Grzesiak is an outstanding expert in performing lifting surgery. Years of experience and a vast number of successful treatments in the area of face lifting, provide guarantee of excellent effects. Dr. Grzesiak uses innovative technology of fat transplantation used e.g. in the treatment of breast reconstruction after mastectomy.

The method is minimally invasive and does not leave any scars, making the recovery period after surgery extremely short. She is awarded with prestigious Golden Scalpel as a Polish innovator in aesthetic health field area.

Consider a full makeover of your upper body – get combination cosmetic package of upper and lower eyelids and breast lift, typically performed within a single stay, giving significant cost savings compared to having the procedures separately.


  • breast surgery costs: 8000 – 18000 pln

  • lower and upper eyelids surgery – cost 8000pln



Beauty of Gdańsk – The Amber Capital of the World

Gdańsk is often considered the Amber Capital of the World as the surrounding area is the richest known source of this semi-precious stone. It is also cultural jewel preserving the rich heritage of the past.

On top of artistic and cultural dimension Gdańsk is a fully magnificent place. Beautiful city boasts energetic nightlife with buzzing clubs and bars that can compete with any in Europe. Here you can experience the exciting spectacles and concerts, one of which is widely awarded Heineken Open’er Festival , considered one of the bestmajor festivals on European arena. If you are looking for some sports and active pursuits feel invited to visit newly built Batlic Stadium, which exterior is designed to resemble amber that has long been extracted on the Baltic coast.The stadium is also one of the designated venues for hosting import and, international matches. And when you want to chill down, take a walk along sandy beaches, nesting fantastic restaurants serving everything from rustic specialties to swanky international flavors.



Wide range of clinics of highests standards

Trendmed cooperates with the best medical and dental clinics in Pomeranian region, offering wide range of treatments in all areas of dentistry, implantology, dermatology and cosmetic surgery, using the latest achievements of aesthetic medicine and advanced technologies. Services are carried out by highly specialized medical staff with many years of experience in implementing innovative methods and conducting complex treatments. Recommended clinics offer only the highest standards that guarantee spectacular, enhancing appearance results, bringing comfort and satisfaction to their patients.



Baltic Region – Top medical destination in the World

Pomeranian region have become one of top medical destinations in Europe thanks to achieving harmonious balance between reasonable prices and high quality of services. Medical Tourism Agency Trendmed cooperates with the best clinics and hotels in Pomeranian province helping to book selected treatments, accommodation and fulfill any further needs of our clients. The best specialists: doctors, cosmetologists, dieticians, dentists and ultra modern, well equipped medical clinics make together excellent quality sought by many. Read more about the treatments offered by Trendmed and choose the option that suits you best.



Comfort and Wellnes in Pomerania

Extraordinary position of the Pomeranian province comes from the immediate proximity of the powerful nature. Each of the presented offers provides not only high standard of medical service but also absolute relaxation and health benefits of its unusual location. Regardless of whether you choose a wellness center at the seaside or in the woods – you can always count on a clean, fresh air and comfortable accommodation. An impressive selection of spa centers and medical clinics will fit any needs and let you perfectly rest on the Baltic coast. Numerous treatments and spa rituals are performed by skilled professionals, using high-quality cosmetics at extremely favorable prices.



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Poland has become a perfect destination for dental treatment, surgery that are very attractive for Poland’s neighbours due to vast differences in prices. Very professional staff along with modern clinics, make foreigners consider Poland as an ideal place for medical tourism – a combination of a holiday and health improvements. Polish dentists, have a reputation of high-class specialists, the fact that has been proved, by many medical tourists.

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